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Michigan Gubernatorial Primary August 3rd

I just got this e-mail from my boss ... I think this is important news for all of Michigan residents. No matter who you vote for, I think the most important this is that you vote. Get informed. Have your voice heard. VOTE!

(Please forward widely, thanks!)
Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear colleagues, friends and family:

All of us here in our great state have experienced enormous challenges over the past few years. Here at Between The Lines this past year was one of the most difficult in our 17-year history. We are grateful and humbled at the opportunity to be able to continue reporting on the issues critical to LGBT citizens, our families and friends across the state.

Right now, we are laser-focused on the upcoming elections. On Nov. 2 we have an opportunity to move forward toward full equality or maintain the anti-LGBT status quo. If we have any hope of passing a meaningful state anti-bullying law, amending the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights act and ultimately reversing the horrendous constitutional amendment that discriminates against us and our family members, we must make informed decisions on whom to elect in the state legislature, the governorship and the Michigan Supreme Court.

This critical election actually begins on Aug. 3 when Michigan holds its primaries. First, please remember to vote and tell everyone you know to get out and vote as well. If you are planning to be out of town you can send in an absentee ballot.

Second, we have been studying the records of the gubernatorial candidates these past several months. BTL will be running official endorsements in the next couple of weeks, but we felt time was of the essence in getting out the following message.

August 3 we have an opportunity to select the most LGBT-friendly candidate for governor in the history of our state. Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero has been campaigning tirelessly during the past six months and he has reached out many times to our local LGBT communities in his travels. Jan and I have heard Virg Bernero on the campaign trail and have met him personally. BTL's recent interview with him, soon to be published in Between The Lines, confirms what we already knew. He will not simply pay lip service to our issues, he will stand with us and fight with us.

We are urging you to take a moment right now and check out his campaign website to learn more about him if you haven't already. And please also consider making a donation to his campaign - http://www.votevirg.com.

Some people believe we should simply not bother - that it is not likely to be a Democrat that will win in November. Jan and I believe that once you have looked into Virg's campaign for yourself, watch some of the video footage (especially of Virg defending the autoworkers and industry last year on CNN time and again when Republicans wanted to "not bail out the auto industry") you will see the character and can-do nature of Virg Bernero. His campaign motto "Make Michigan Work Again" includes all citizens at the table.

We cannot allow Mike Cox - the attorney general who took away domestic partner benefits after Prop 2 was passed - or Pete Hoeskstra - whose HRC Congressional ratings have been at zero since 1993 - to become the next Michigan governor. If either of them does manage to win in November it will be difficult to see any progress on the legislative front for years, not to mention the most right-wing zealots in the state's history .

So - kick into gear - and join the Virg for Governor campaign. Post it to your Facebook, Twitter it to your social network, put it on your websites, call your friends and family. We can and we must make these next four weeks count in informing everyone we know about how important this primary and this candidate is to the future of Michigan and to our lives as LGBT citizens.

Thanks so much and remember each and every one of us makes a vital difference in this critical election!

Susan Horowitz and Jan Stevenson
Publishers, Between The Lines Newspaper
Michigan's LGBT Weekly Newspaper since 1993

p.s. - Just as I finished preparing this email, there was Virg Bernero making the case for Michigan's auto industry and green energy on MSNBC The Ed Show! Catch it on repeat or over the internet!

Watch Band?

Hey folks,

I don't make posts here very often, but I am an avid reader of the forum. I'm on the search for a nice looking watch band to replace leather strap on a watch I just purchased second hand (no pun intended).

This hasn't been in issue in the past as I normally settle on a metal band instead of a more traditional strap. Any suggestions on where I may find a non-leather replacement?

Ideally I'd like to find something that's 'classy' looking that would be suitable to go with fancy dress. This means rubber and nylon bands aren't much of an option.

Carbon fiber bands would be ideal.

Thanks so much for your gracious help.

grill for sale

I posted this on craigslist and thought maybe the veg*ns in Michigan might be interested.

We've got to move out of state really soon (damned economy) and we're selling a TON of stuff that we can't take with us (and so we can afford to eat *insert pity here*), so we're selling our gas grill.

We bought this amazing gas grill last year and used it a LOT but it's still in awesome shape. I'm listing it here because it's almost a totally vegetarian grill-- early on when it was new, my husband cooked a small amount of meat on it, but I scrubbed the heck out of it until I felt comfortable using it for vegan food, and ever since then, it's only seen vegan food. We've kept it really clean anyway, but I thought maybe someone would be interested in a freakin' awesome grill that isn't covered in meat grease.

We spent about $600 on it when we bought it, and are asking $300 for it now. The craigslist post (with more pictures) is here: http://annarbor.craigslist.org/for/1090423777.html

See under the cut for one pic:

Read more...Collapse )

cross-posted to michigan_vegan and vegmichigan. my apologies if you see this twice.

Eating in Gaylord?

Finishing up my bachelor's degree with a little compressed course during the last week of February. Our room at the resort has no amenities (the meal plan has no veg*n options besides salad and eggs), so I plan to take along my slow cooker, grill, and one or two other useful appliances.

I understand there's a Meijer up there at least, but is there anyone here who is familiar with the area and could advise me about restaurants, grocers, etc?


Vegetarians, Vegans, and anyone who likes handmade cruelty free products. At twelve oaks mall in novi, near i believe nordstroms, is a store called LUSH. They specialize in handmade soaps, body creams, deodorants, and other bath and body things. All of their items are vegetarian & vegan, they are labeled vegan if they are and smell very nice and appear from the soaps i bought to be good for sensitive skin. check them out. :) I believe they have a website too lush.com i believe.

eating out on christmas day?

i don't suppose any of you know of anyplace in SE michigan that might be open on xmas day for a reasonably nice dinner that has vegan and omni options, do you?


Hey veg people in the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area. VegAnnArbor is resource for the area's Vegetarians, Vegans & Veg-Curious. We encourage you to join us - even if you're new to (or curious about) a healthy Vegetarian lifestyle!

Join us to make new friends - and share information, recipes, support, and encouragement for a cruelty-free diet! Upcoming events will include: pot-lucks, dinners out, picnics, lectures, weekly happy hour (alternating between Ypsi and a2), movies, group activities, animal rights fund-raising and more!

Updates can be found on the MeetUp site or in the vegannarbor community.

Come hang out with us!

Where Do The Children Play?

Sorry this isn't about vegetarianism/veganism. However, I know some of you have kids and are concerned with environmental issues as well. If this is so far off topic you don't want it posted, please feel free to delete it or tell me and I'll delete it. Thank you.


Where Do the Children Play? examines the dramatic disappearance of play and nature from the daily lives of children. The film explores the impact of isolating environmental factors like sprawl, congestion, and endless suburban development on children's mental and physical health and their development. Told largely through the voices of children, Where Do the Children Play?also combines research of urban planners, health experts, educators, and environmentalists to explain the realities children face living in three distinct environments: urban centers, suburbs, and rural areas.

This is airing on Detroit Public Television tonight at 9pm. I am not sure if it's airing on Public Television in other areas but it's worth checking out the website.
Hello everyone!

Last night was our first attempt to make a delicious looking meal that we wouldn't be ashamed to post online. I must say..we did pretty darn awesome. Derek even said he liked the cupcakes, which is saying something because so far he's been weary of trying anything that I've been making since becoming vegetarian.  We also made breadsticks...but they didn't last long enough to take pictures.

Asian Markets in Plymouth-Canton area?

I live in Ypsilanti (my usual Asian market is the Hua Xing Asian Market in Ypsi), but today we're taking a trip to Canton. I need nori for this quinoa sushi and some udon. Where would be the best place to go?

Google Maps failed me at first, but I think I've found something on Canton Center between Michigan Ave. and Geddes.

Also: What about bento boxes (there might be something at Hua Xing, but I haven't checked yet)?