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Welcome to VegMichigan!

The Official Community for Veg Lovers of Michigan
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Bringing together the vegans and vegetarians of Michigan
This community is geared towards bringing the vegans and vegetarians of Michigan together. Our goal is to eventually get people together for dinner meetups, recipe swaps, bake sales for related causes, information shares, and for everyone to make new like minded friends.


Anyone who is a vegetarian or vegan and lives in Michigan can join. If you live in Michigan and are interested in becoming a vegetarian or vegan please stop on by with any questions!

Please keep posts related to what the community is about. If you have a recipe to share, a review of a resturant you've been to, photos of delicious veg desserts, or want to inform the community about animal related issues go ahead! What we don't want to hear about is your personal life, please keep that for your own journal.

All photos, minus a main description photo of a reasonable size, must go behind a cut. If you don't know how, check out The Livejournal Faq. That's what it's there for. Trust me, I use the thing all the time.

If you have photos or a link that are not work safe or contain photos of animal cruelty, you must mention that in the subject line!

Last of all, please be considerate to other members. It is okay to inform other on certain issues but please remember that everyone has their own beliefs. Remember, both Vegetarians and Vegans are welcome here.

I would like to point out that we are not affiliated with the website VegMichigan, even if it is downright helpful. The community was named and then the site was found. Check it out though!